Will Trump Reverse Dakota Pipeline Decision

Trump can reverse the Dakota pipeline decision

Although there was a major breakthrough in the Dakota pipeline situation when the army corps of engineers made a decision in favor of the protesters that may not stand.

The Army Corps of Engineers now says the pipeline has to be rerouted so that it does not infringe on the lives of those who live there. That is a decision that may not stand when Donald Trump takes office. The environment is not one of his strong suits and he is pretty well dead set on reversing a lot of things that happened during Obama’s administration. Also he is a man who is in favor of big business and there’s not much bigger business than oil.

On the other hand it may come down to Trump agreeing with the decision made by the Army Corps of Engineers as a matter of giving in to get something.

Politics is give to get.should trump reverse dakota pipeline decisioin

There’s no question about that.

The decision to reroute the Dakota pipeline is not set in stone because there can be, and probably will be, some rebuttal by the companies who are trying to push the pipeline through.

When you consider that they have millions and millions of dollars invested in this, you have to think they’re going to try and get that decision reversed. Also, it had already been approved and that is going to be a strong selling point in their approach to seeing a reversal of the decision by the Army Corps of Engineers in this Dakota pipeline mess.

One positive thing that is most certainly going to come out of this decision is that many people will leave the protest area. The weather there is unbelievably cold and with the snow coupled with the cold and the lack of quality shelter there has to be people getting sick and even frostbite.

Many though are going to stay anyway just to make sure things stay as they want them to be. Several authorities said, “Sure we are good now but what happens when Trump takes office?”. There are people asking that on both sides of the fence.

Trump may come in and before the end of January next year reverse the decision of the Army Corps of Engineers in the Dakota pipeline situation as a matter of showing his strength and flexing his muscles. He’s pretty good at flexing his muscles and even good at flexing those muscles that aren’t really there.

In this case though he’ll have real muscle.

I doubt Pres. Trump will tweet, “I’m reversing the decision of the Army Corps of Engineers re: Dakota pipeline” #dakotapipeline, #armycorpofengineers”, as that may come across as an appropriate.

I would more expect something along the lines of a statement saying he conferred with the secretary the Department of Interior as well as other counsel and believes in the best interest of the country for the pipeline to go through as it was initially planned. Or least I hope this is how he approaches this as opposed to tweeting at midnight.

Either way but soap the new president makes the right decision when it comes to the Dakota pipeline project.

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